Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines
Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines

WHAT IS DPF?  We can say that the Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines, which is found in some of the Euro 4 vehicles and in all Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, is a part developed to meet emission standards.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines

This filter, which is similar to honeycomb in structure, holds and traps solid particles harmful to the environment in the exhaust. However, the level of these particles held in the filter increases over time and may cause causes such as clogging. Pressure sensors measure the level of soot residue in the diesel particle filter and when the critical soot level is detected in the filter and the appropriate conditions are met, the regeneration process is started.



Low quality fuel
Long-term driving in low speed and stop-and-go traffic,
Running the vehicle at idle for a long time,
Use of wrong specification oil.
If the necessary precautions are not taken, the DPF in all new diesel vehicles may become uncleanable even with the regeneration process and may need to be replaced.

Particle Machine Plane DPF mac machines (To give information about the features and design in Turkey with a difference;

The machine starts the process by bringing the liquid to 80 degrees first. That is why, as a company, first the product was sold, then the machine was designed and patented.

Our cabinet machine cleans the particle filter and catalyst from the open working environment and performs the cleaning process visibly in a closed cabinet. By adding a special ventilation system, the resulting process can throw the steam out of the environment.

We provide a compact service for motor vehicles, construction equipment, forklifts in areas such as DPF Technologies, Diesel Particulate Filter and Catalytic Converter cleaning, exhaust repair, exhaust replacement. Changing technology affects the automotive industry a lot. The exhaust systems in the vehicles are developing and it is recommended that the maintenance and repair practices related to them are constantly changing, we offer a technical workspace that includes many different components to our valued customers with our expert staff and machines.