Diesel Particulate Filter

How to Clean a Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine; First of all, the aim of the system is to minimize the carbon emission that damages the environment after exhausting the vehicles. Catalytic converter (catalyst) or particle filter is designed to neutralize the harmful substances in the exhaust gas coming out of the combustion chamber in the engine, and it is often a part added to the exhaust pipe after the manifold.

The exhaust gases passing through the catalytic converter, made of ceramic and covered with materials that provide catalytic effects, react in the special ceramic structure inside the catalytic converter and turn into harmless substances. Substances entering the catalyst as NOx (nitrogen oxide), CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbons) are released into the air from the exhaust as harmless N2 (nitrogen), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water, steam) as a result of the reaction.

In other words; The catalytic converter is also a combustion chamber. It burns unburned toxic gases without flames, turning them into ni
Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machinetrogen, oxygen and water vapor and then releasing them to the atmosphere. It is designed to catch particles or soot particles in diesel vehicles, especially in engines complying with Euro 4,5,6 norms.

However, some vehicles have an exhaust gas recirculation called EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). Since it has an important place in the healthy operation of the engine, we can say that it is apart that should not be neglected. The soot accumulated in the channels through which the exhaust gas passes can be cleaned and the valve can be reused.

However, as a result of excessive contamination, this soot layer can harden and become petrified in some places. Even if this petrification is at the micron level, if it is in the opening and closing part of the valve, it may prevent proper operation and may leak. Therefore, it is essential to use a particle cleaning machine.

Tri precious metal is used as a catalyst in order to do all these processes.

Platinum. : Provides oxidation.

Radium. : For the reduction of the converter.

Palladium. : Used to provide stabilization.

Working range. : 480-650 Celsius.

Converter life. : 150.000 km. (average value)

Recently, vehicles that cannot pass the vehicle inspection checks in the world and in our country either have the catalytic converter removed from their vehicles illegally or they may have to buy catalytic converters again by paying high prices.

The most effective method for DPF cleaning is to remove the particulate filter. Cleaning machines and additives are available for this. The Particle Filter is removed and attached to the particle cleaning machines. By applying chemical drugs and compressed air treatment, your particle filter is cleaned 100%.

By combining our patented machine, designed by our company, with a specially formulated solvent, we clean the clogged catalytic converter or particle filter in a very short time.

All metal parts used in our canopy DPF Particle Cleaning SPEED2500 machine are 304 stainless steel and other parts are brands that have proven themselves in the sector. For this reason, quality has come to the fore. It also cleans light commercial and heavy vehicle filters.